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The University of 信誉最好的网投十大平台


人文学科 at the University of 信誉最好的网投十大平台 enjoys a reputation for world-class research across our subject areas: 考古, 英语, 电影, 历史, 现代语言, 音乐 而且 哲学.

Our interdisciplinary approach encourages collaboration between academics 而且 our burgeoning community of postdoctoral researchers 而且 research assistants.

This research is co-ordinated by our interdisciplinary research centres:

With over 250 学生 working across seven academic disciplines, 人文学科 offers an exciting 而且 engaging environment in which to undertake postgraduate study.

In 2020 the Faculty is building on this ambitious interdisciplinary agenda by launching the 信誉最好的网投十大平台 Institute for Arts 而且 人文学科. This institute represents an exciting new moment for the Faculty. It will raise the visibility 而且 identity of our research, both within the university 而且 beyond, 而且 allow us to lead on large 而且 ambitious new projects. Professor Joanna Sofaer 而且 Dr Stephanie Jones join Professor Nicky Marsh in leading this new venture.

November 2020 saw the first of the launch 事件 that will run throughout the 2021. The event 'Speculative Futures of the Arts 而且 人文学科', was part of 信誉最好的网投十大平台's 'Human Worlds' festival of the 人文学科. It was coordinated by Dr Megen De Bruin Mole 而且 included contributions from contemporary artists, curators 而且 cultural activists as well as colleagues from WSA, 哲学, 历史 而且 英语. SIAH also hosted a series of 研究 Cafes (with Dr Alison Gascoigne 而且 Professor Fiona Woollard) intended to improve our research cultures 而且 create a better platform for future research advocacy. Early in 2021 SIAH is collaborating with colleagues in Faculty for Social Science on a series of 'lightning' lunchtime seminars on cross-disciplinary 而且 contemporary issues.